The Vampire Squid, sometimes called the Vampire Squid from Hell (Vampyroteuthis infernalis), is a


A Vampire Squid shown in light from a flashlight.


A Vampire Squid now shown with 0 light, using it's bioluminescence.

small saltwater fish (squid) from the family Vampyroteuthidae and the genus Vampyroteuthis, known for its morbid name and appearance. The fish lives 3000 feet from the ocean surface. It can only grow up to about 1 foot long, and weigh very little. It is capable of bioluminescence, meaning it can use bacteria in it's tissue to produce light. It makes light from it web-connect arms (at the tip) and from it's eye and dances with these effects to confuse predators. It's diet consists of only small invertebrates.