A Sawfish swimming in shallow blue water.

Sawfish (Pristidae) is a family of fish noted for there great size, defense and characteristics. All species of Sawfish are notorious for having a long snout with a sawblade like pattern of teeth, which extends to great length. They use this snout to thrash about and make a big mess of its prey (crustaceans and other bottom dwellers) by slicing it into small pieces. Its snout is also used to dig.

All species are critically endangered because of the collectors value of there giant snout.

These fish can very well live in both salt and freshwater, going upstream to spawn and mature and leaving into the oceans to live its life as a giant. They usually live in the rivers of Australia and Nicaragua (Lake Nicaragua) but as for saltwater, the Atlantic or Indo-Pacific oceans.

Sawfish (with the exception of the dwarf species) can grow up to 25 feet long, and weigh a ridiculous 5000 pounds.