Fisherman showing off a fresh catch.


A rare photo of a specimen swimming.

The Giant Snakehead (Channa micropeltes) is a freshwater fish from the family Channidae and the genus Channa. It will mainly eat small animals, lively or dead. They can grow up 1 meter long, and weigh around (at the max) 45 pounds. It lives naturally in several place in South East Asia and India. The species is considered invasive and it is illegal to introduce this fish to any places in America, but there are exceptions. The Giant Snakehead is very controversial because it will cause issues enviromentally and ecologically wherever it lives. It is known to be able to walk across land, while at the same time, breathing air. This is a hoax.

The fish CAN walk on land, but in the time it can live on air before dieing, it will not be able to go far at all because it is exhausted very easily. It is also nearly harmless on land because of that fact.