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Payara HydrolycusScomberoidesTFCh AcF209

A captive Vampire Piranha. He says "Welcome"!

Welcome to the Wiki!

Hello, and welcome to my wiki. This site is a closed source project, officially back in development as of March 2012. I am using this wiki as a sandbox to dump my knowledge of fish I have acquired over years of study and fascination. I hope you can enjoy reading about these neat animals as much as I do. Please not that this wiki is NOT PERFECT. I can assure you information will not be posted unless it is true, but there will be grammar errors here and there. If you spot a mistake, please let me know in my user talk. Thank you!

We currently have, to date; 35 articles on exotic fish, and you can browse through my full list by clicking "List of Fish" on the top of the page!

-Raarg (Owner and Admin)

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